Grow a legendary beard like King Leonidas

leonidas beard

So, you want to grow a spartan beard as glorious as Gerard Butler did for his role as King Leonidas in 300?

Of course you do.

It is hard to believe that it has been nearly a decade (March 2007) since we were introduced to the fabled story of how 300 Spartans went up against the Athenian empire led by Themistocles. Incredible story. Great movie.


What you need to know before growing this beard style

  • Leonidas beard style is actually known as the short boxed style
  • You should expect to grow your beard out for at least 3 - 6 months
  • Beard oil or balm may be necessary to shape your beard correctly

Don't worry. You can get this look. It just takes patience. As we said earlier expect to grow your beard out for at least three months. Exactly how long depends entirely on you.

​After letting your beard grow out you will need to get a good beard groomer or go to a barber shop with pictures of Leonidas in hand.

If you opt to go to a barber please.. don't go to a generic big box retailer haircut "salon".

That would be a horrible idea.​

Search your area for a well qualified barber. Pro tip: Check out Twitter or Instagram when ​looking for a good barber.

How to shape your Spartan beard yourself​

As you can see in the image you are going to need to take a razor to your cheeks.

Follow down your sideburn, leaving it at about 1.5 to 2 inches in thickness.

Go for a relatively sharp angle going from your sideburn to mustache area.

You will then need to utilize a good pair of mustache trimmers to shorten your beard on the sides allowing it to take a boxed type of shape getting longer as you get closer to your chin.

You will want to give extra attention and go slow as to make sure you don't end up making your beard rounded instead of squared.

You can see an example of somebody shaping their own 300 beard on Jeff's beard board.

For the best results​..

We get it. Your beard may not naturally look right even after grooming. That's where a high quality beard balm makes a huge difference.

Essentially beard balm is a product made of a base of bees wax and Shea butter. It not only gives you the ability to shape your beard effectively; but also ​nourishes your beard.

No. You don't have to use beard balm to have Leonidas beard style.. but it sure helps.

​Images of King Leonidas Beard

Here you can see a great image from the front of Leonidas' face.

And finally here is a good profile picture from the side. It is easy to think that his beard is rounded but we have found that going for a square shape gives you the best results.

  • It was not against the Athenian Empire at all. Please get your facts straight.