17 Mega Popular Beard Styles You’ll Want To Try

People say that this whole “beard thing” is a trend. We couldn’t disagree more. As a reader of this site you already know that its all about the beard lifestyle. Here we have 17 popular beard styles that celebrities have recently rocked.

1. Bruce wayne.. uhh we mean Ben Affleck has been recently sporting a short and well trimmed beard style that looks great.

Ben Affleck Beard

2. Robert Downey Jr, also known as Iron man, has been sporting a rather audacious balbo style beard for quite some time.

Roberty Downey Jr beard style

3. No doubt that Chris Pine’s beard style is looking great. Take some inspiration from the captain!

Chris Pine Beard

4. Next in our list is none other than Ryan Reynolds who has recently been starring in the hit movie Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds Beard

5. No list of popular beard styles could be complete without Zach Galifianakis. The Hangover star has proved that beards are here to stay.


6. When not shooting scenes as Captain America, Chris Evans sports a short beard style that looks great.


7. Bradley Cooper, star of hit movies Limitless, The Hangover, and A-Team is well known for his well trimmed beard style.


8. David Beckham’s beard style is short. He kind of just lets it grow as it wants when he is not clean shaven.

David Beckham beard

9. Known for his incredible style of fedoras, sunglasses, as well as his beard. Johnny Depp has made our list.

Johnny Depp Beard

10. Number 10 on our list of popular beard styles is none other than Tom Hardy. Fun fact: Did you know Tom played Bayne in the Dark Knight Batman series?!

Tom Hardy Beard

11. Next up is the Scottish actor Pierce Brosnan. Known for his role as James Bond. He is seen hear sporting a fuller version of the Guy Fawkes beard style.

Pierce Brosnan Beard

12. No list of popular beard styles would be complete without Thor, God of Thunder. Also known as Chris Hemsworth.

Chris Hemsworth Beard

13. American actor George Clooney has starred in some incredible movies including the remake of Ocean’s 11 and the sequels. Here he is with a well groomed short beard.

George Clooney Beard

14. Although Hugh Jackman is known to grow many different beard styles. He is best known when sporting mutton chops as Wolverine. Fun fact: Hugh has played Wolverine is 8 different movies.

Hugh Jackman Beard

15. Jason Momoa has played some incredible roles. He also has a great full beard. The actor is set to play Aquaman in the upcoming Justice League film.


Jason Momoa beard

16. This list wouldn’t be complete without featuring Idris Elba. Idris typically keeps his beard trimmed and neat.

Idris Elba Beard

17. We finish this list of beard styles with the man who brought us many laughs over the years. Mr Robbin Williams is greatly missed.

Robbin Williams beard

Your Thoughts?

Who is your favorite celebrity that sports facial hair?